As an industry in managed information technology services, PT Distribusi Inovasi Teknologi works with small companies and leading companies to provide proven data center consulting services. Working with our team of dedicated IT professionals, the company benefits from our extensive knowledge of data transfer, security, online business, and network strategies. Our solid record of success in helping companies to optimize IT infrastructure planning has earned us clients in Indonesia.

Globally, organizations want to get scalability and flexibility by improving existing IT infrastructure services. In a rapidly growing business environment, characterized by intense competition, innovation is the main requirement for success and hence, a stable IT system cannot be avoided. However, the transition from inheritance to enhanced is a series of challenges such as renewal and architecture that are resistant to the future. Corporate IT leaders face increasing pressure to ensure the speed and flexibility of data center providers. Because more and more consumers are demanding customized self-service and experience options, efficient IT departments, increased data security on consumer devices, and cloud-native applications are imperative.

PT Distribusi Inovasi Teknologi offers an overall data center consulting service to meet the prerequisites for innovation through world-class data center design services, from initial consultations to modernizing existing facilities. Our highly skilled team of professionals can add value to existing modern data centers by adding operations; improve infrastructure by adding elements such as computing, storage, databases, and networks; and apply new age technology applications. This will help companies reduce costs and improve security and efficiency. PT Distribusi Inovasi Teknologi data center consulting services are based on the V-Transform Framework that works based on the principle of “find, analyze, design and valuate”. V-Transform, assisted by the PT Distribusi Inovasi Teknologi partner ecosystem and an analytical led approach, evaluates the current scenario and provides an optimal model for adoption. Thus allowing companies to switch from integrated infrastructure silos to the next gene service delivery platform.

Based on the existing IT landscape and business roadmap, V-Transform can assist companies in recognizing, outlining, and advancing in a series of IT Transformation initiatives. Our team excels at providing data center software solutions in accordance with organizational goals to ensure successful delivery of expected business results. With V-Transform, we provide flexibility and facilitate the trend of data center consulting services such as SMAC and Automation.

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